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Laptop Power Adapter High Quality 65W Toshiba 19V 3.42A 5.5*2.5mm Charger


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Laptop Power Adapter High Quality 65W Toshiba 19V 3.42A 5.5*2.5mm Charger

Toshiba PA3917U-1ACA PA3714U-1ACA PA3822U-1ACA
Output: DC 19V 3.42A 65W

Input: AC 100-240V 1.2A 50-60Hz

Connector Size: 5.5*2.5mm

NOTE: Without Lable

රු3,500.00 රු4,500.00

10 in stock

Compatible Part Numbers:

PA3917U-1ACA PA3714U-1ACA PA3715U-1ACA SADP-65KB PA3467U-1ACA PA3467E-1AC3 PA-1650-66 PA3714U-1ACA
PA3714E-1AC3 PA3714C-1AC3 PA-1650-22

Compatible Models:

Toshiba Satellite
C650D C650D-BT5N11, C650D-ST5NX1, C650D-ST6N02; C655D C655D-S5200, C655D-S5230, C655D-S5330;

C850D C850D-BT3N11, C850D-ST3N01; C855 C855D C855D-S5100, C855D-S5106, C855D-S5235, C855D-S5302, C855D-S5303, C855D-S5315, C855D-S5339, C855D-S5340, C855D-S5354, C855D-S5357, C855D-S5359, C855-S5118, C855-S5122 S55 S55-B5280; S55T S55T-B5152; S75

C875D C875D-S7120, C875D-S7223, C875D-S7345, C55D-A5240NR;

L735D L735D-S3300;
L745D L745D-S4220, L745D-S4350;
L955 L955D L955D-S5140NR, L955-S5142NR, L955-S5152, L955-S5360, L955-S5362, L955-S5370N;

P840 P840T P845T P845T-S4305 P55 P55-A5200, P55-A5312 P55T P55T-A5202
S955 S955D S955D-S5150, S955D-S5374, S955-S5166, S955-S5376;
T210D T215D T215D-S1160; T230 T235 T235D T235D-S1345, T235D-S1360, T235-S1370;

U800 U840 U840T U840W U845 U845-S402; U845T U845T-S4150 U845T-S4155 U845T-S4165; U845W U845W-S414P, U845W-S4180; U940 U945 U945-S4110, U945-S4130, U945-S4140, U945-S4380 U945-S4390

Toshiba Satellite
C50D; C55 C55-A5105, C55-A5180, C55-A5300, C55-B5100, C55-B5101, C55-B5142, C55-B5200, C55-B5201, C55-B5240X, C55-B5270, C55-B5296, C55-B5298, C55-B5299, C55-B5300, C55-B5302, C55-B5355, C55-B5382, C55-C5240, C55-C5241; C55D C55D-B5102, C55D-B5203, C55D-B5212, C55D-B5214, C55D-B5308, C55D-B5310; C55DT C55DT-A5307, C55DT-B5208; C55T C55T-B5109 C55-A5104 C55-A5140 C55-A5190 C55-B5202 C55-B5246 C55-B5265 C55-B5272 C55-B5287 C55-B5290 C55D-A5120 C55D-A5146 C55D-A5150 C55D-A5163 C55D-A5170 C55D-A5304 C55D-A5392 C55Dt-A5148 C55Dt-A5162

C75D C75D-B7200, C75D-B7202, C75D-B7215, C75D-B7300; CL15T  C75D-B7230 C75D-B7260 C75D-B7350 C75D-B7360

E45 E45-B4100, E45-B4200; E45T E45T-A4300, E45T-B4106, E45T-B4204, E45T-B4300; E55-A5114, E55T-A5320;
L15 L15-B1330; L50; L55 L55-A5284; L55D; L55T; L75 L75-B7240; L75D-A7283;


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